Hawker 850XP

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The Hawker 800 won its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in 1994. It is essentially a Hawker 700 with Honeywell’s up-rated TFE 731-5R engines replacing the earlier TFE 731-3 engines. With the -3 engines the Hawker 700 was a sluggish performer on hot days and high altitudes. With the -5 engines and the additional 600 pounds of thrust, the performance deficiencies were corrected and along with adding and additional 430 NM of range. 307 Hawker 800’s were produced.

In 1995 Raytheon introduced the XP version of the Hawker 800. The TFE 731-5BR engines produce 360 pounds of additional thrust significantly improving Balanced Field Length and adding an additional 80 NM of range. The 800XP also features the Collins Proline 21 avionics suite.

The Hawker 800XPi was introduced in 2005. This model features an upgrade to the Collins Pro-Line 21 Avionics Suite, a new interior and cabin management system.

The Hawker 850XP was introduced at the 2005 NBAA Convention in Orlando, FL. The 850XP comes equipped with Raytheon Aircraft designed winglets. The winglets were sized to provide distinct performance improvements while not impacting airframe inspection schedules. The range of the Hawker 850XP has seen a 100 nautical mile increase. Other performance improvements include up to eight percent improvement in time-to-climb plus faster airspeeds and block speeds.

Deliveries of this model started in 2005.





2,525 nautical miles


741 cubic feet


410 MPH


50 cubic feet